• Screenplays available upon request

    I Move, You Move (Feature, proof of concept)

    A man and woman fall in love over their shared love for dancing


    The Other Saratoga (Feature)


    A young officer, Jude Booth, is transferred to investigate the death of a sheriff when their body mysteriously reappears with a gunshot wound after having been previously pronounced dead by a heart-attack. 

    One, One Night (Feature)

    In 1996, Renee Sweet, a disaster-magnet folk musician, rushes around Los Angeles to find a replacement band and play her biggest show - all on the night before heading to college. 

    Pray to the Colt (Feature)


    A heedless woman sets on a path to rescue her sister from a desert cult using nothing but her... colt. 

    Deep Cuts (Feature)

    Best friends and slackers, Lola and Max, attempt to catch a killer terrorizing their neighborhood and use the reward to avoid being evicted from their home-brewed radio station.

    The Sad Side of the South (Feature)

    In early 2000’s Southern California, a teenage girl, a pair of gubernatorial candidates, and a group of bumbling hitmen cross paths in a bout of violence and happenstance. 

    About Eight... 

    (Television Show)

    If the Sun were to explode, it would take about eight minutes before everyone on Earth died. These stories are about those final eight minutes.  

    An Ocean Washed Over Your Grave (Feature)

    After a traumatic experience and a sudden breakup in the same day, Elliot attempts to examine the idiosyncrasies of life for answers.

    GO! DANCING! (Music Video)

    Featuring music from Traffik Island. Starring Kyla Dyan.

    Welcome (Short Film)

     Based on "The Sad Side of the South."